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Paul Mercer

      Composer & Violinist

Paul Mercer is a violinist and composer whose work focuses on the whispering in the wood of ancient violins and violas, and their hidden melodies.

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Zoe Keating & Paul Mercer
New album coming out soon! Check back for details. CD release party is tentatively scheduled for Spring of 2014 in Atlanta, GA.

In the mean time, here's a little appetizer...

"Coronation of the Witch Queen," with Jill Tracy
Musical combustion at it's finest! Jill Tracy and Paul Mercer...

"The Unwanted"

Directed by Bret Wood, this film will be premiering at The Atlanta Film Festival 2014. Paul Mercer and Bruce Bennett do a bang up job scoring this film.

3rd Saturday of month- The Marlay House, Decatur, GA

(Some months will vary. Check Marlay site for details.)

May 3rd, 2014 - Alombrados Oasis, New Orleans, LA